walking oxymoron

Grandma Heartbreaker
08.11.16 - 9:20 PM

Some things never change dland... I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be a creepy old lady that flirts with handsome young men without even realizing it.

Tonight for example I'm on Instagram thanking an artist for a custom piece he's doing for me and as he tags me in a pic and refers to me... ME... "ever so talented"

I immediately start grinning and next thing you know i realize I'm twirling my hair smiling at my phone....

Wtf is that?
You're damn near 30-something (late 30-something) years old Bean!
Get that shit sorted out...

And well yes I'm also married BUT that's obviously not the issue as I'd never in a million years step out on my beloved husband. It's all just for entertainment purposes and documented proof of my senility.

unless of course twirling my hair at the screen is the first step to "swiping right?"

Is that what the kids call it these days. Hahaha...

I'm old.

on a separate note entirely I'd also like to document that my phone refuses to acknowledge the word "without"... instead it's typing: "workout"

Uh-huh, f*ck you too phone. Judgemental ass...

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