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2019 was a petty bitch...
01.12.20 - 1:24 PM

What a lovely note I left on last entry right?

I'd like to say 2019 went better but honestly it just kicked my ass all over the place. Not only emotionally, as my last post indicated, but also professionally, financially, and psychologically.

Its 2020 and I feel as lost as I did when I was 19 years old.

But this is not an entry of my "woes"... not yet.

This is just to let you know 2019 did me dirty till the last day of its existence.

After writing an angsty "I hate 2019" rant on instagram I felt better... much better. I was off from work, home alone with no plans to ring in the new year except to have wine and pizza with the hubby after he was free from work that evening. (Don't judge me, I'm more than likely your elder and you have to respect me).

So I decided to go ahead and do my makeup that day... right after that refreshingly freeing instagram post. I moisturize my face, work the concealer on my dark circles as well as any other imperfections and then I move onto filling in my eyebrows...

and by filling in I actually mean shaving off a quarter inch of my right eyebrow clean off...

how it happened I couldn't tell you. I've always shaved off the strays that grow between the bottom of my brows and my eyelids but those are not even close enough to my already thin brows to ever endanger this happening. Hell I even had my sausage finger COVERING my eyebrow so it wouldn't happen... just in case..

because I've only been doing this for a 2 damn decades or so of my life and its NEVER happened before...

how the hell is it even possible that this happened then?

Because 2019 had to have the last laugh...

... that petty bitch took so much from me... and still wanted more... .

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